Because you look like, what I feel like, when I’m with you


Some Last Questions – W.S. Merwin
What is the head
                A.  Ash
What are the eyes
               A.  The wells have fallen in and have
What are the feet
               A.  Thumbs left after the auction
No what are the feet
               A.  Under them the impossible road is moving
                     Down which the broken necked mice push
                     Balls of blood with their noses
What is the tongue
               A.  The black coat that fell off the wall
                     With sleeves trying to say something
What are the hands
               A.  Paid
No what are the hands
               A.  Climbing back down the museum wall
                     To their ancestors the extinct shrews that will
                     Have left a message
What is the silence
                A.  As though it had a right to more
Who are the compatriots
               A.  They make the stars of bone
I love this.  All my classes are about reading.  I love being an English major, except for all the pretentious people in my classes.  There aren’t as many as I had first thought though.
beautiful earmeal for you.