Que pasa

It’s Wednesday night… I’ve been here in Santo Domingo since Sunday afternoon.

During this time I:

Rode a guagua twice a day to get to my school.  This is the public transportation.  It’s about 20 cents for one ride.

These pictures are from the internet because I didn’t want people to see me taking pictures of a guagua like an IDIOT TOURIST…

….which I am anyways, because the first time I rode one of these by myself, I lost my wallet which had my id and my credit cards.  Good thing I didn’t lose my passport.  I rode a bigger one that time though, and it was super packed because it was rush hour I think.   I feel so stupid though.

I thought there would be some seriously obnoxious catcalling but it’s basically just “Que lindo.” Which means “how beautiful”. 

In Fargo it’s usually “show me your tits” or something similar so this is actually an improvement.   Although it does happen more frequently here, it seems less aggressive.

Maybe they are saying nasty things too but I just can’t understand them yet hahahah.

The problem is I really LIKE to talk to strangers, but I can’t because I don’t want to encourage creepy dudes.   I try to only talk to the non-creepy people, who don’t hit on me, but it’s a fine line from “how are you” to “do you have a boyfriend?” (sí, tengo un buen novio) to “where do you live?”  I can  handle them if they’re my age, but much older and I usually don’t talk to them. Except old people. I love talking to old people here.

So I’m taking Spanish classes in the morning and dance classes in the afternoon.  My dance teacher:

Yes he’s super freaking old.  And a super freaking good dancer… and I’m pretty sure he knows I can’t speak Spanish but he insists on giving huge complicated explanations of things and I just nod and say

“sí, sí, sí”. Next week I have group lessons so I will certainly be learning slower.
There is an ocean here, but no beach.  DANGIT. I should really research things better.
The grandchildren of my host mom: (they live here too)

 hamming it up for the camera.

 I taught this kid to beatbox. Well... I can't really beatbox, so he's probably better than me already.