Promise that You’ll Never Be Lonely

I do miss the blogger interface.  Huh.  Don’t know if I should crosspost over there or what.  Or if there was any point to moving over to wordpress.



Heading to Houston in a couple days for the Houston Salsa Congress. Wooooohh.  Been working Night shifts which can get surreal in a hurry but mostly I study and chat with whichever old people are having trouble sleeping.


Nowadays I head straight to the sci-fi shelf in the library and let me save you the trouble… this is the only thing I read there lately that was too memorable.  Really a head trip.

dark orbit


hmm anything else?  Oh yeah. This article: How to Declutter Your Super Gross Home…. Which actually pretty well illustrates how my friends feel when I go on and on about minimalism.

exclamation point

ARGHHGHGH planning out my trip to New York! I’ve always wanted to go and I’m finally FINALLY doing it! I found places to go salsa dancing Monday-Thursday, and then on Friday…. we on to Europe!

I’m getting so freaking excited.  I can’t wait to graduate and get on to the business of traveling.  I feel bad that I’ll probably never have a “real” job.  I’ll just keep my CNA job probably.  They let me take a month off whenever I want (two months in this case), so I can’t complain.  It’s a messy job.  But it lets me travel.

This Mexican restaurant called Iguana in NYC has free salsa lessons Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday… I’m so pumped.

Here is music:

 I’ll be honest I’m only in college because I should be, i.e. for my parents, and for the rest of the family.  And because I have a large scholarship.

The experiences I’ve had I wouldn’t trade for four years of traveling.  University has been a blast.  But I am so glad to finally be done and FREE.  Well in May.

I think once I get back from Europe I’ll take a weekend off every month to go somewhere in the U.S. and do a dancing workshop, probably salsa.  I need to meet people who like to dance and travel, then I won’t have to go solo so much.

I just want to dance, always.  I think that’s all I’m going to do when I graduate (along with keeping the job at the old folks home).  I wish I could do it for a living.

live it up until you remember what living is

 I’m all out of Atmosphere lyrics so I threw a different title on here.
Salsa, Rice, Moshpits, and the Love I have for your Soundproof Basement
There is something splendid about
a Peruvian man leaving the rice to burn
because he is unable to keep himself
from dancing
when a good Salsa song comes on
there is something exquisite and wild about a woman
eyes closed
paying uncontrollable obeisance to the rhythm
thrilling to the beat
waxing and waning to the sound waves
there is something gorgeous about the
the movements that occur in synchronization with the vibrations
the blurring of the line between sound and limb’s poetry
fantasia’s demise comes softly, unanticipated
followed by dazed wakefulness
surprised to see walls and ceiling
surprised to be alive in
only three dimensions
If you haven’t figured this out I love dancing more than most things.  And this is the only good thing I’ve written in a while.