LB CA Future.

So I have made the executive decision to attend a three day program in Long Beach California, to become a salsa instructor.  (LINK HERE) It’s only three days which SEEMS like it won’t be long enough.  They also have a three month program for salsa intensive training, which I may want to do in the future.  (Kinda scared about spending the money for three months of living in Long Beach.  Maybe I could find a job there?)

I would love to find a dancing partner to perform with, but I do worry about jealousy issues… I mean you have to dance with the same person and find chemistry on the daily.

SO! As a solution I have decided to only seek out gay men for partners.  That way my boyfriend won’t get jealous, and will feel comfortable with my future-of-dance.  DanceFuture. 


 One of my (sort of very confused, but very awesome) old ladies gave me a huge pep talk the other night, she just looked right at me and said, “Look I know I’m too old to be your  mentor… I wish I was younger… but you have to realize that you are going to do great things.  And I know you don’t believe you can do it, but you CAN, and you need to get out there and DO THINGS.

So I just bought this three day course thing.  And I think I will also do the three month course within the next two years at some point.

Oh and I’m performing at the nursing home next weekend too. woooooh.


Minor Updates

Hiding out in a Hostel, to get a break from being in the house.   (Mustache Hostel in Kailash Colony, New Delhi, it’s very nice if you wanted to know)

Just finished my first Hindi lesson which went supremely well.  I was riding some mild euphoria at finally getting out, doing something, learning something.

Finding out about all these cool things I could do, but seems I’ll have to branch out on my own IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Ahhh it’s been so hard to do anything.  We were going to go to Agra yesterday to see the Taj Mahal, but his dad pronounced it “too foggy” and said we couldn’t go.  So his friend went without us instead.  We spent the day at home.

I really get frustrated being cooped up like this.  I’m starting to get snappy with him, and I really don’t want to turn into one of those sitcom wife-types.

I found a place that has salsa dancing on Tuesday nights, but his mom already said I can’t go out dancing because it’s too dangerous.

Aiiya.  I told him I won’t come back to see him in India till he moves out of the house.  I think I mean it.  Never thought I’d be relieved to finally get back to Fargo, but it’s sorta looking like that.

Anyways I just bought a round trip plane ticket for Bangalore so I’ll be going there in two weeks.


Also:  I have almost one hundred percent decided to do El Camino this summer.  (This is a pilgrimage in Spain.)

Considering buying a smaller camera.  My nikon D700 that I bought in high school is VERY HEAVY.  I need something more low-key.

here’s a Punjabi song for you.  12 saal – bilal saeed