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Never, ever laugh at beginners.

You have no idea how much of a setback it can be to be too embarrassed to even practice something.

I have this friend, super awesome friend, who happens to be really un-confident at dancing.  He gets out there and has fun with us,  I never noticed anything particularly awful about how he dances.

Last time we all went out, there were two girls just laughing and laughing at him while he was dancing.  

He’s done. That’s it. No more dancing.  That is so awful to even think about considering all the joy dancing can bring a person.

I used to teach English and believe me I would NEVER laugh at a foreigner’s pronunciation.  Just correct them and move on.  There is such a difference in how people will approach you depending on whether they think they can learn and share with you or be ridiculed by you. Such. A. Difference.

 GAH.  It takes so much to learn a new skill, to put yourself into something you don’t know much about.  DON’T LAUGH AT BEGINNERS.

Rules for life.