i can be
alone by myself
i was
lonely alone
now i’m lonely
with you
something is wrong
there are flies
i go

-Alone, Nikki Giovanni

The first poetry I ever really got into was hers.  Also I will be performing at a poetry reading tonight.  Me and my manly voice up onstage just doesn’t seem like a recipe for a good time.  It’s one of those things you do just so you can say you did it.

ALSO! I am working on a painting for my brother.


wwooooh exciting.



I had visions of finishing this before fall was over….

😦   didn’t.  but here it is!   this was done with acrylics.  I’m gonna do a huge tree painting next but not sure of the colors yet.  and I have a reallllly good idea of what I’m gonna do after that. or maybe before that.. we’ll see.