Old poetry

wrote this in the summer of 2014.

It’s still “that season”.   My five-year.


crazy was a place I went to,

like the grocery store,
or Thailand.

And, once I knew where it was,
could pick it out on a map,
knew which subway tracks ran there,

I had to believe I could avoid it.

I keep my brain on the straight and narrow.

I walk slowly around corners,
as if one day I’ll turn left and

There crazy will be..

The neon grimace of OPEN.

Come. On. In.


Oh! in other news…   In three days I’ll go to India. yusss..  Apparently I’ll be performing bollywood stuff (not just me, hah) for our friends wedding. wheeeeeee..



  1. powerofenduring · November 25

    Such a good portrayal of my feelings sometimes. Have fun on your trip!


  2. the narrator · November 25

    Nice… and welcome to India 🙂 hope you have fun


    • troutpasta · November 25

      thanks! main uttejit hooooooon

      Liked by 1 person

      • the narrator · November 25

        Hahaha… You are anxious. 🙂 Good to know. 😉 Really hope you have an amazing time. Which part of India?


      • troutpasta · November 25

        I’ll be in Noida and Mumbai!


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