The thing about old people on the subway is I’m never going to not smile at them.  And when this adorable Korean gramma is falling asleep beside me and keeps adjusting herself so she won’t fall into me, I just want to put my arm around her and tell her everything will be okay.

But the only useful phrase I know in Korean is “I don’t speak Korean” and besides I have a feeling this might be a somewhat impolite thing to do.
This is the view from my apartment :

I’m double-posting on here and my tumblr. Oh well.

All Right

I swear Seoul, South Korea is the safest place on the entire planet.  Where else can you walk through an alleyway in a miniskirt at 4 AM and receive ZERO catcalls?  I’ve gotten catcalls in Fargo wearing nothing more revealing than jeans and a t-shirt.

Kinda destroys your whole “her clothes were provoking him” argument.  There appears to be no rape culture here. It’s very freaking relaxing.

What isn’t very relaxing is feeling like I always have to be dressed like a fashionable human being.  I can no longer dress like a complete slob.  I felt way too out of place today on the subway.   Then again, I also feel much too fat to dress like the average woman here…  Tomorrow I’m going to the rich people district (The one Psy sang about in Gangnam Style).

This song is the most relaxing thing I’ve ever heard, and that’s about enough hyperbole for the day. Goodnight.


I am in Seoul, South Korea! Just ate some octopus with my old roommate and her mom! I am so tired.

 gorgeous sunrise when I was about to fly out

I need some white out to fix this… but it’s a gift for my host here.  I made it the night before I flew out and finished it on the flights today. (or yesterday with the time change.)


Make no mistake I intend to kill the past with the bright sword of the here and now.  It has become very clear that I am the only priest capable of exorcising that bitter-hearted demon.