My boyfriend is moving back to India.  Permanently, for all intents and purposes.  Just found this out, and he’s leaving in less than 2 weeks.

Finally found a decent guy, (okay more than decent, he approaches perfection) and he’s leaving.  At least I graduate this May, so I could conceivably go anywhere…

I’ve got a lonely 2014 ahead of me.  blergh.

love this song.  Uff teri adaa.  also I’m in love with the hookah bar, but hookah smoke gets me too dizzy, so after a while I just eat smoke rings.  That is probably the only smoke related skill I have.  The ability to consume smoke rings.  I can’t even make them. It’s like someone who can’t cook, just eat (which actually, is pretty much me, too)  anyways. a good song.

I saved 6 Indians from Freezing to Death outside of a club on New Years

I knew two of them, and four of them were FRESH OFF THE BOAT! 

fun fact.  “Gori” means white chick in Hindi.  Kinda like Gringa in Latin America.  So! If you ever walk into a group of Indian people and you are a white female, tell em your name is Gori.  I work with International Student Orientation tomorrow and I think that’s what I’m gonna do.  wooop!

Or alternatively you can yell “GORI AA GAYIIIII!!”  (ga eeee for the last one.) which means “A white chick is coming!” 

here’s a song.  I like it, perhaps you will too.