esta caballero

Pin Pun – Lapiz Conciente
When I walk home.  Whoever is walking behind me.

Will always be able to tell when the bass kicks in.

DANNNG tonight, after all the dopamine from four hours of hardcore exercise, I was literally dancing my way home.  So happy.


What we speak
becomes the house
we live in.
Who will want
to sleep in your bed
if the roof leaks
right above it?

Fear is the

cheapest room
in the house,
I would like
to see you living
in better conditions.

There is only one reason

we have followed God
into this world:
to encourage laughter,
dance and love ….

God and I are rushing

from every corner of
needing to say
we are yours.

The sun never says

to the earth,
even after all this time
“you owe me”.

I once asked a bird

how is it that you
fly in this gravity
of darkness?
she responded,
love lifts me.

I should not make

any promises right now
but I know if you pray
somewhere in this world
something good
will happen.