things I like number 34: sentence fragments

Just read the second Bridge Jones Diary book, and have become paranoid that I too will end up in jail in Thailand because someone planted cocaine on me.   Must stay away from guys named Jed.  Also, mushrooms.

I must be in the mood for mindless entertainment because helloooooo Clueless, the bimbo beach blonde ninety’s classic! Something to braindead myself with.

Although.  I already feel braindead so perhaps this isn’t needed.

I haven’t been able to write anything aesthetically pleasing in a long time.  Worries me.  I worry about my creativivity beasts like I assume I’d worry about my children.  They may have wandered off and gotten killed or eaten.  Or maybe they will just be lost for an indefinite amount of time.  Time for desperate measures.  After all, you can notify the police after 24 hours.  They’ve been gone for weeks.

I AM IN KOREA WHY CAN’T I WRITE PRETTY THINGS.  I’d settle for ugly things.

Made this on the flight here.  Wrong kind of beast.  But nice.