here is a clamored aviary
filled with children too young to
sound human.

a child-owl keens,
too-early wise with anticipation of
lifelong suffering

here flails a many-colored
screech-of-a bird,
angry from wings-lack,
furious at his inability to

a harsh-throated pigeon stares down
the gaping maw of dependence,

quiet-feathered with the sharp
pain of

been taking salsa lessons.  He’s gonna give me half off ($25 instead of $50 !)  because I love dancing so much.  I wanna go to South America.  I think of it as the dancing capital of the world.  Except it’s … huge.  So the dancing region of the world. whatever.    This is my eighth day in a row of work. preparing myself for a MASSIVE paycheck in 1.5 weeks.  I’m so done with school.  I want to graduate.   the end.

A song!