Art and the Evils of Television

My once a year painting has been released! I’m not all that happy with this one. I stupidly dropped a bunch of money on watercolors. Might try to sell em (any takers?). GAH I NEED to stop making stupid purchases.

Sharpie Pen + Qor watercolors


In other news: these articles.  I read a lot of minimalist articles because I’m trying to shift my head toward letting go of “stuff”.  I’m on that path but I want to be more so.

The Single Easiest Habit Change to Improve Your Life Forever

The Myth of Ownership

Coming to Terms with my Status as a Drifter

With my recent purchase of an air mattress, I officially am able to fit all my possessions in my Buick ’92.    Almost four years ago when I had my mental breakdown I got rid of SO MANY THINGS and then it was crazy and a symptom of mania.

But now when I do it, it’s normal, and a symptom of my commitment to minimalism.

“Normal”.  Huh.  Anyways my year-long no-new-clothes ban is going well.  Had to buy new shoes for work, but that’s allowed.    Haven’t cheated since I got a  hat and tank top from Minneapolis consignment store gina + will, which was over a month ago.    Regret the hat, but the tank top is black and simple and therefore I’ve been using it every weekend or so.

Two days until our two year anniversary.  More than half of that has been long-distance.

Might have to move there.  I’m so tired of the loneliness.

Have been feeling scattered, perhaps because I have been preparing to be perpetually homeless as of yesterday.  Maybe also because the majority of my heart is in Delhi and I’m here.  Or the fact that I couldn’t get shifts for September and am contemplating OTHER OPTIONS. Such as moving to Minneapolis, thus breaking my heart into more chunks and attempting to transfuse into new soil / or concrete.

I regret the lack of continuity in the post.

I really don’t care enough to fix it.

over and over and over again

Hmmmm well not much is happening.  Been working.  Starting to be around old people so much that I feel like I am one. 

I hold a lot of tension and I get angry easily.  Well I hope that’s only true for lately, and not for always.  How can I just… just not get pissed off?

It’s like I’m constantly in go-mode.  I can’t remember the last time I was just sitting there, nothing to do.   And if something stops me I freak out.

Is that healthy?  I’m too busy to find out.  I always thought that I feel better the more productive I am. 

Actually considering going on an internet fast.  The problem is there are certain things I feel like I need the internet for (such as checking windspeed before I bike to work so I know how early I need to leave).  Then after checking the weather I get sucked in to a vortex of clickbaits.

I want to simplify my life.

On a different note:

If you’re not using airbnb you should be.   Aaaaaand please let me know if you do as I can give you some money off your first stay. We stayed in this crazy aging hippie’s wagon.  Awesome.

 The wagon is lined with books.  Found Hafiz poetry.  Was happy.

 There was cognac… apparently it lasted through like 60 guests, but then the last guest just decided to drink it all hahahaha. none left for us.