Denmark and a few

choice words about . From what I can tell, if you are solo traveling as a woman the men you stay with will probably try to get it, but in my case at least, they always backed off when they realized I wasn’t into it.

Now I realize I only stayed with two people when I was by myself, an Indian in Denmark and a Viennese dude in Austria, but it happened both times.  So I guess you need to ask yourself if twice makes a pattern, and for me it definitely does.  

Actually European men in general were very easy to friendzone.. I never had to explicitly say “BACK OFF” because they could always read the signs, which is important considering I was attending Salsa/Bachata congresses and music festivals by myself.  And even when they realized I had a boyfriend, they didn’t recoil in horror, just carried on being my friend.  Love that.


Denmark pictures.  As my first destination was Copenhagen, I had no idea what to do, how I wanted to spend my time, so I just sort of wandered around the city.

 Above and below are pictures inside Christiansborg Palace.

 One thing I love about European cities are all the people performing in the street.

City center shot.

Thoughts on Copenhagen, Denmark:

Too expensive
Everyone CAN speak English, but they start out with Danish because it’s rude to assume you’re a foreigner.
To blend in, dress in many many black layers. (and be a tall blonde woman).
It’s cold. Hence the layers.

I really didn’t do much here.  I don’t think I really understood how to experience a city.  Also it unnerved me how expensive everything was..

things I don’t care about

“being successful” has no appeal to me.  I don’t understand people who want to make it big, to become rich.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to selling things.  Marketing is the last thing I’d ever do.

My friend/acquaintance is trying to sell me on something called vemma or something like that and it’s just so strange.  It’s a terrible thing to make money by taking it from other people in exchange for things they don’t need and probably never even thought about before you got in their faces with advertisements and glowing testimonials.

Vemma sells things. That’s all I caught from what he was telling me. I think it’s the kind of thing where you convince other people to sell it too, and then you make money off them as well.  He really really really wants to talk to me about it on campus tomorrow though so I guess I’ll know more then.

Why not get a job that actually provides a needed service? gah.   I won’t go so far as to say I hate people who chase success, it just mostly creeps me out.

Also there’s a crazy cheap travel deal if you’re thinking of going to Europe, or you’re traveling between countries over there:

Got my round trip ticket to Denmark.. about 600 dollars :D. Of course, now I have to get to New York City anyways so I don’t know how much money I really saved haha.