love in all caps

Sometimes people just need to be looked in the face and made to feel real.

Love the old people.  Think I get more real every day from working there.

Also currently trying to learn this dance.

Tutorial: HERE (It’s only for the first minute or so of the video)


it took decades
to sharpen your spine
into something that
doesn’t crack on the
high notes

now surrounded by
 eight octaves of pain
through the crescendo of a
phone call

(her daughter is in a coma, it would not be
prudent to
stay home
they say


you don’t abandon ship,
leave her to cry alone

you don’t even

I have only developed a few immunities.  It’s mostly that I wince.  I wince and I try not to let anyone see that things still hit me hard, even after being in this job for over half a decade.  I believe in the power of back rubs. I hold hands with old ladies (and old men for that matter) because being alone is shitty.  Falling asleep by yourself, alone, can be downright awful, especially when you aren’t completely sure how long you are going to be around, or who might be there in the morning to help you get up.

Also everyone should watch the netflix original drama “Derek”.  That show is golden.


The thing about old people on the subway is I’m never going to not smile at them.  And when this adorable Korean gramma is falling asleep beside me and keeps adjusting herself so she won’t fall into me, I just want to put my arm around her and tell her everything will be okay.

But the only useful phrase I know in Korean is “I don’t speak Korean” and besides I have a feeling this might be a somewhat impolite thing to do.
This is the view from my apartment :

I’m double-posting on here and my tumblr. Oh well.