Sometimes I get weirdly cocky about my mental breakdown, like yeah I did battle with my brain and walked away wiping blood off my sword, sewing up my scalp with a dirty needle. I WON.

As we celebrate my 6 year crazy-versary (started yesterday, got all those weird status updates in my In-This-Day on facebook), here’s some music way more calm than I was six years ago.  Most music would fit that description.


anywhere with you feels like

Low key.




I think we got the Fiance visa.  I’m bout to go to India… and maybe… maybe I’ll be bringing him back with me.  Will know for sure tomorrow or at the latest, next week.


I hope. I hope. I can’t bring myself to dare to hope, but I still do. I want him here so bad.  Thought he would be here… 5 months ago.   Is this real..

I can get melodramatic, yeah.

A map of my brain:
pointless things here and there, the visual tour of
the establishment of an anti-minimalist
Doubt and Certainty performing above the kitchen sink,
delicate acrobats hanging by a fraying cord.

a glass smashed in anger, stage left.

Architecture:  manifest hypothetical futures
what was first a mansion,
now looks a shack,
near to collapse.

Could watch with stunned fascination from the
sidewalk as it catches fire

caution tape across my eyelids.