bring color to my skies

 We met this guy earlier in the summer at the first Salsa Explosion event and then re-met him at the second salsa explosion.  Exchanged numbers because he’s clearly an awesome dancer so I’ll probably see him in the future.


He called me today.  Out of nowhere.  I really don’t do phone calls, they make me vaguely uneasy, even when I’m calling a close friend (which he is not).

Talked for about an hour.  Barely know him, but after I got the I-have-a-boyfriend bombshell out of the way we had a really good talk. 

People don’t do that you know?  Just call strangers (unless they’re trying to get it…)

 I really don’t get all that much real talk lately.

Oh and I may move to Minneapolis sometime this next month.  Time for a change.  And I wasn’t able to get the days that I wanted to work.  Got six shifts where I usually get 24.