Delhi + Agra

Alright so. Delhi.

It’s been about a month since I got back, so this is long overdue.

There are some very rich and opulent areas of Delhi.  I didn’t take pictures of those places, because a mall is a mall is a mall right?  We have those in America too.  Here are the things that you might be interested in seeing.

This picture is quite misleading.  Usually the people that go to Dilli Haat (market) are mostly tourists, so this is the place where everything is expensive for the white people.  It’s got nice stuff though.

 I love saris.  I just wanted to take pictures of every woman in traditional dress, love the clothing in India so much.  (Although a lot of western wear as compared to other regions.)

 Me, in the preliminaries of learning Hindi script.  Took me less than a week I’m proud to say.

 A Muslim tomb (wish I could remember which one).

 Most accurate picture I took.  One word to use for Delhi:  crowded.  That’s it.  Ayya can’t remember which market this was.  I’ll edit this when I find out.


 India Gate.  People go here to walk around and picnic.  Not really my thing, but then again neither was the Eiffel Tower so there you go.

 Time to Baaaaargaiiiiiiin.

 Quitab Minar ruins!  Islamic architecture, very intricate carvings.

 On our way to Agra, to see the Taj Mahal.  The fog was eerie. 

I believe this last picture is from the Red Fort, but don’t quote me on that.

Pursuing Minimalism and Waffle Espionage

When I get back to Fargo I want to seriously downsize my possessions… Get rid of absolutely everything I don’t need,  probably reduce my material goods by at least 40-50% if not more.  The feeling I get when giving away my things is similar (I would  imagine) to the way a lizard feels when she finally sheds her skin.  The only thing my stuff does is make it harder to leave.  And I loathe the feeling of being trapped.


Bangalore was absolutely amazing.. Less for the things I did than the people I was with.  Well.  Both I suppose.  Also it was so sunny and warm, and I could walk to go get food by myself, and cook by myself.    10/10 would recommend.

 (this is the only photograph I have of anything cultural or sightseeing-ish) Hindu Temple.

I went down there to get a break from the cold cage of Delhi (seriously had a headache for a full week up there).  I was staying with my friend Sid who I stayed with in Liverpool (through the couchsurfing website).  I almost didn’t go, since my boyfriend wasn’t too happy that I was staying with a dude he doesn’t know but in the end I went ahead with it.  Really needed a break from Delhi.

One if Sid’s friends, Chetan is the owner of Waffle Walle, one of the only waffle carts in Bangalore (and India). Turns out this guy used to be an investment banker, then quit his job to go after his waffle business dream.

His waffles are absolute heaven.  I’ve never had waffles that good outside of Brussels.  And I was beyond impressed to find an Indian who chose to quit a lucrative job to chase a crazy dream.  I didn’t even know that happened in India. Just goes to show that you can never make a blanket statement about a group of people.  There are always some who defy the mold.

 The owner. Making me a nutella/peanut butter/ice cream waffle like a boss.

 Turns out there is another waffle place.  They have more money and a better location.  Their manager made a covert visit to Waffle Walle to scope out the competition, so Chetan decided he better return the favor.  We three spent the next day indulging in waffle espionage.  Chetan talked excitedly:  “These are too crispy!  They don’t make them fresh, they reheat them. They use the same milk as me! Look at their waffle makers, they’re so much more expensive than ours. ” He demanded that I rate his waffles on a scale of 1-10 as compared with their waffles.  I’m sure the workers there were wondering what the heck was going on.  I doubt anyone has ever been so fascinated with their waffles.

 Asking her what kind of ice cream they use. 

Chetan and Sid, discussing the various kinds of milk you can use when making waffles.

I also bought a sari for my friend back home. It was quite expensive though so if she doesn’t want to pay that much I’ll just keep it for myself :D. It was pretty hilarious watching my two friends try to help me figure out how to put it on. Luckily Sid’s sister came home and helped me with it.

 Don’t worry we watched a Youtube video first.

 Yussss Sid’s sister is home at last!

 Love this woman.

so gangster. 

I think the best part of Bangalore is my friends ALWAYS spoke English.  Very relaxing. I’ve eaten whole dinners here in Delhi where I hear nothing but Hindi.  Also.  I got to dance.  It was a drum and bass club on a weekday… not my favorite type of music but I still went crazy on it.  

Now back in Delhi!  Happy to be back with my boyfriend, but it’s so cold here :(.  And of course, I’ve spent more time in the house than out as usual.  Back to Fargo in a few days, then on to planning Cubaaaa (and working my butt off to save up the money I’ve spent).

Minor Updates

Hiding out in a Hostel, to get a break from being in the house.   (Mustache Hostel in Kailash Colony, New Delhi, it’s very nice if you wanted to know)

Just finished my first Hindi lesson which went supremely well.  I was riding some mild euphoria at finally getting out, doing something, learning something.

Finding out about all these cool things I could do, but seems I’ll have to branch out on my own IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

Ahhh it’s been so hard to do anything.  We were going to go to Agra yesterday to see the Taj Mahal, but his dad pronounced it “too foggy” and said we couldn’t go.  So his friend went without us instead.  We spent the day at home.

I really get frustrated being cooped up like this.  I’m starting to get snappy with him, and I really don’t want to turn into one of those sitcom wife-types.

I found a place that has salsa dancing on Tuesday nights, but his mom already said I can’t go out dancing because it’s too dangerous.

Aiiya.  I told him I won’t come back to see him in India till he moves out of the house.  I think I mean it.  Never thought I’d be relieved to finally get back to Fargo, but it’s sorta looking like that.

Anyways I just bought a round trip plane ticket for Bangalore so I’ll be going there in two weeks.


Also:  I have almost one hundred percent decided to do El Camino this summer.  (This is a pilgrimage in Spain.)

Considering buying a smaller camera.  My nikon D700 that I bought in high school is VERY HEAVY.  I need something more low-key.

here’s a Punjabi song for you.  12 saal – bilal saeed


Alright babes… As of right now I have no way to retrieve my pictures from my camera which is why I haven’t blogged yet.. I will ATTEMPT to do it tonight, no promises.

People keep asking me how I’m finding India and the answer is I’m bored out of my skull.   Boyfriend’s mom essentially has me on house arrest,  can’t go anywhere unless I go with Divyesh, during the day.  Problem is he often works, which means I’m stuck in the house. 

His mom got wind that I’m thinking of going to stay somewhere else and so she’s all worried and paranoid that I won’t be safe without her to watch out for me.  AUGHHH I’m 22 years old. 

Going to look at a language school today, possibly looking to take some Hindi classes. 

ANYWAYS.  Will try to put up some pictures. Soon.  Getting crabby from staying in the house so much. 


If you are going to Delhi, do not stay with anyone’s MOTHER.

I really like her, but mehhhhhh I’m dying! She won’t let me go out dancing because it’s “too dangerous”.    I REALLY want to go dance.  I think I’m going to find a hostel near city center so that I can do some things and meet some fellow travelers.  She won’t let me, I’ll have to tell her I’m staying with another friend.

Feel like I’m 12 again. 

oh and I saw P.K.  very good movie.  had to make the boyfriend translate everything for me.

teraaaaaaa hone laga hoooooooon

well I’m getting ready to leave for India… and I realized I still haven’t fully blogged my Eurotrip.  Will do that this week (or try).

Going to be performing Salsa at the nursing home with my dance instructor (if all goes as planned! fingers crossed so hard…).  I’ve  been trying to get myself up enough to do that for about a year. FINALLY.

Today I’m buying my first set of luggage.  Figured its about time.

OH MY GAHHHH I’M GONNA BE FLUENT IN HINDI.   (Well one hopes).  Everything I’ve written today has an escape clause.  Man I’m bad at committing to things.