for my favorite dancer

Your eyes will blaze, your heart will be seen from space

your love will knock people over

I’m ALL IN motherfuckers

Would you give me permission to s(care) you if I could convince you this roller coaster has an endgame, that I’d always always bring you back to safety… not only that… you were safe the whole time.

this is just how rollercoasters are built.  Let’s fucking DO THIS.

I’m all in, 100%.  I’m your ride or die.


Let’s roll.


I want to be thrown through the window.

Metaphor for surprise, perhaps terrifying but. . . you’ve lived your whole life inside.  You can see the sky.  How would it be to taste it on your eyelids?

I want to taste the sky on my eyelids.

Metaphor for (exploration? mysticity?), the strangeness of the absolutely new, to turn the page of evening and find

bones of water, excavation of consciousness

Year zero constellating my fingertips.


Feel like this song is not… quite… representative of the poem.  Whatever!  That’s what’s called a mixed bag… so what if there are hundred dollar bills stapled to the back of your radiator?  Who could make staples that strong?  Wizardry.