Tuesday Free Stuff

I recently found a coupon for this thing called “graze”.  Basically the company sends you snacks based on your taste preferences.  I was just going to use the coupon to get a free box and then quit, but when I tried to cancel my subscription they gave me another half off my next box so I’ll keep the service around one more week heheheh. (Not sure if I played them, or they played me, but the snacks are good so oh well).

Check it out at graze.com (two free boxes with code AMYB96K3B)

OTHER FREE STUFF I CAN OFFER YOU.  These three things are what I use all the time while traveling.  I can’t even imagine not having these apps at my beck and call.

Taxi Services:

Uber  Use this code for $15 off your first ride : amyb1731

Lyft  Use this code for $20 (I believe) off first ride: AMY464498

ANNNND my last offer is for $20 off for travel with airbnb with this link (click through the actual link for the discount):  airbnb.com

Also this song.  Which is also free.