round and round

Well I came back from LA.  Ostensibly I can teach salsa now (at least to beginners) but that manifests mostly as teaching drunk people at parties.  I have a lesson on Wednesday for some friends.

Speaking of parties. I went to a house party made up of almost entirely Hmong people.  Freaking fun.  Dude teaching us Tai Chi on the porch.  Good dancing.

Any time people forsake the beer pong table for the dance floor is bound to be good.

You know, because I have such low expectations for Fargo, I get pleasantly surprised by it far more often than you would think.

Well last time I posted an Omi song it got crazy big later and I felt bad because that song freaking annoys me now, but this one is still good so have at it.

There’s some things I have to say, and should post about, but it will have to be later.  I just don’t feel it right now.