words like violence

Nice bit of chillout.  I adore these songs and maybe you will too.   I am stressed out.  but not as much as I should be because honestly I don’t really care about college or grades anymore.  If I did I’d be much more stressed. but I don’t. so I’m not.  How many times do I have to ask people to run away to California with me before it becomes cliche?

call it chaos call it lost, beautiful delirium



beautiful works of magic by The Magnetic Fields

and there you are

unconventional enough to
resuscitate my heart

the way you make me feel something like
13 years younger is
uncontrollable, manifested in
how I show you my art like
maybe you’ll tape it to your fridge

I am in complete admiration of
the way you hold adjectives and nouns
mangle them up and sew them together
in a colorful mass of
tangled syntax

and I’m in constant

everything you do hits me hard enough to
shatter my communication skills
brain-dead my
inhibitions and (oh now)
I’m a greedy child,
only three words saturating
my veins

something random, I haven’t been writing much lately that’s worth anything.  I had a good weekend.  my Bollywood (or Tollywood I guess they call it when it’s south India) dance for Diwali night went really well.  met someone who has the capacity to make me actually wish I wasn’t single. but I’m sure that will pass.  it always does.

I know I’m not what you anticipated

So today for my Intro to Education Class I had to observe a middle school class being taught. It’s been around 6 years since I’ve been in middle school and it was REALLY interesting to see what has changed.  I know I was an exceptionally awkward child… but even so…. these girls are like extremely skinny, short sorority girls!  Seriously!  They’ve got that perfect California bleached blond hair going on… and they know how to use makeup.  When I was in eighth grade I crayoned on so much black eyeliner on I looked like Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeney Todd.  Actually probably even worse…

I watched a kid literally EAT his pencil which was pretty fun.  And some kid exclaimed loudly, “I’m NOT a kid!  I’m a preteen!”  which was mildly hilarious to me.  I can almost remember being proud of my preteen status way back in the day.   actually come on… this kid was in eighth grade!  aren’t you a teenager at that age?  13 at least?  I am confused. anyways.

here is something for you.  happy halloween

Warning!  I love Kate Nash but I HATE this video.  Freaks me out.   It seemed appropriate for Halloween though so have at it.

i wish i was a photograph

do you remember the night I told you
I’ve never seen anything more perfect than
than snow falling in the glow of a street light
electricity bowing to nature
mind bowing to heartbeat
‘this is gonna hurt’
bowing to I love you
I still love you like moons love the planets
they circle around
like children love recess bells
I still hear the sound of you
and think of playgrounds
where outcasts who stutter
beneath braces and bruises and acne
are finally learning that their
rich handsome bullies
are never gonna grow up to be happy

I think of happy when I think of you”
-Andrea Gibson

sloppy love-poem hammered

what is WITH these poems???  mek;ladskd.  people coming to my house. several that I have a crush on, which could make for an interesting night of Shakespearean proportions.  The comedy! the drama!

 well I could have been
in love
but there is a
distinct possibility

I was just intoxicated

I’m always getting drunk
on things that
aren’t alcohol

metaphorically sloshed on
the snow, the rain,
frank sinatra songs

I got smashed on a swing-set
you know
limbs furiously
stabbing the sky
screaming into the

the way you believe
you can fly
for an infinite split-second

that night it was you

hits harder than an
harder than a
fifth of vodka

yours absolutely
floors me