I didn’t write this

Libby Anne’s Wager

When it comes to the question of God, there are four basic options:
1. There is no God.
2. There is a God, but that God does not care about humans.
3. There is a God, and it is a good and loving God.
4. There is a God, and it is an evil and hateful God.

In the case of options one or two, what we do or do not do here on this earth does not ultimately matter in a cosmic sense and will have no consequences after death. In the case of option three, a truly loving God would care more about whether we live by love and help others than about whether or not we believe in him or her. In the case of option four, do we really want to serve a God who cares more about legalism than love, a God who sentences humans to eternal torture for not worshiping him or her? Therefore, whether one believes in a God, or in the correct God, matters less than does whether one lives by love.

There you have it. My conclusion is that what actually makes most sense is to live by love, seek to help others, and leave the world a better place. If that includes believing in a deity, so be it, but it doesn’t have to. And that is why I think Pascal was wrong.

Now you may wonder what I will do if the fourth option is correct, and it turns out that there is a God who values worship and belief over love and service, a God who believes that condemning people to infinite torture in return for finite sins is “just.” I do have a plan. I will start a rebellion.

– See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2011/08/libby-annes-wager.html#sthash.Eyd06A12.dpuf

I did write the following however.

I entertain visions of myself dying and getting up there, lecturing God on the whole “hell” thing and how messed up it is.  Like… okay you’re going to allow the holocaust to happen… everybody dies in concentration camps… then, SURPRISE!  They get to be tortured eternally for not believing in Jesus!  ugh.  I don’t believe in a God like that.  Not believing in Hell was the best thing that ever happened to me.


I love my best friend so much.  We’re walking across the street and see this douchey bro guy  yelling “SLUTS!” down at two women from the balcony.  Immediately Steve is like “YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”  And I start threatening to cut off parts of his anatomy (the balcony guy, obvi).   We just scream our faces off at them.  One of the women thanked us.

Very heartening.  Hopefully they won’t be so quick to behave that way in the future but I ain’t holding my  breath.

These kind of horrible men absolutely permeate the U of M area in Minneapolis, which is, regrettably, where I live (but only till August!)

Glad I have a feminist dude friend, I swurr it is so much more effective than just me yelling at dbags in a violent rage.

And violent rages are so much more fun when your friend is with you!

Most danceable of Minneapolis

Current Discoveries:

Addis Ababa for Wednesday night Salsa dancing (and Kizomba/Bachata/Zouk/etc). (NO COVER!)

The Tangiers for Thursday nights  ($5 cover)

Conga and Loring Pasta Bar.  Don’t know which day you should go to Loring  but apparently it’s better on Fridays (which is good because Saturdays are lowkey too crowded and boooooring).  And someone recommended Salsa nights (every first Friday) at  Mediterranean Cruise Cafe but I haven’t been there yet.  (I believe it’s free!)

Azul for less snobby dancing heh.

When I get tired of Latin dance, I go to Aqua and Gay 90’s.  Haven’t checked out much in the way of nightclubs besides those two.

I took a three hour Kizomba workshop from these amazing people, Jim and Marylu.  Changed my life.

Also for Kizomba Classes:  Four Seasons Dance.  Haven’t tried it yet but people have recommended it to me.

Best Dance classes I’ve taken were at Duende Dance Studio… Very professional (Salsa and Bachata specifically, they have classes for a variety of levels).

U of M has a good page for CHEAP lessons: Salsa I believe).  And Keri Simonson teaches a wide variety of Latin styles at Dancelife Ballroom ($5 Dance party on Fridays, intensive workshops on Saturdays!)

And Zenon for hip hop/house dance/ belly dance lessons (among others that I don’t personally take, modern, jazz, ballet, etc.)

Glad I moved to Minneapolis.  Love dancing.

Music so Good you can Taste it

I do know, at all times, that eventually I will be soul-wrenchingly happy.  But it does bother me that I can’t bestow that on myself.  Freakin’ universe.  I hate waiting.  (There’s always Ecstasy I guess, HA.)

Well.  I packed up and moved to Minneapolis where I am ostensibly going to dance my way through the summer and beyond.   Haven’t written anything because all my tech failed me at once.  Just got everything repaired.

Coping badly with not working.  Haven’t not had a job since I was 14.  Gets me lonely.  I wish I could enroll in a program that enabled me to dance eight hours a day.   Unfortunately usually you get that sort of thing for ballet.  Not my style but maybe I should pick it up.

OH! Good news!  I had a chat with a VERY good lawyer who told me in no uncertain terms that my future husband/love of my life/etc. etc.  is NOT subject to the 10 year bar, meaning I can get him back no problem and won’t have to contemplate moving to Delhi for the next  7 years, thank Shiva.  Seriously I tried to do a consultation in Fargo and that lawyer was just like, “Well. We’ll see. I’ll have to look it up.  Do you have a baby? It helps if you have a baby.”  Like I’m gonna pop one out just to get him back.

Read this MAGNIFICIENT book, Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman.  An intense read that gave me some major mental hospital flashbacks.  Holy. It’s amazing.


Zhu – Cocaine Model  got me lounging.


feel like I spend my whole life distracting myself from loneliness

I am probably one of those people that would find it beneficial to meditate.

Leaving what is comfortable is terrifying, but what else can you do?  Stagnation is a dull ache.  It took me a while to notice, but now I have to do something about it.

I have no discernible goals for the future.  My only consolation is that I’m always going to be okay, just by virtue of a good work ethic and a frugal sensibility.

I’m leaving because no one dances here.

Do I have to apologize for how scattered this is?

I write this for me, not you.

So, no.