Brain hurts me

Tossing and turning thinking of this nursing home performance.. Dunno why this is stressing me out, pretty sure the old people will love it no matter what.  And I’m a good dancer.  But somehow I keep messing up the suicide dips and other moves I should know by now…. Merrrrr whatever. It will be a good experience. Haven’t performed dance in front of other people for over two years now.  Why is this stressing me soooo…. It’s gonna be fun.   Hope I don’t freak myself out (not like I’m not doing that now haha).  Maybe it’s best to just not volunteer to do things that make me nervous.   But then I just coast through life doing nothing but working… Maybe a challenge is good spice.   Let’s face it I have no ambition.  I can’t believe I’m actually going though with this.  Feels like my first day teaching in Thailand.