Ever since I went to Europe for a couple months that one summer, people have asked me how much it cost me.

I did not keep track of that.

HOWEVER this time I am going to give you the DEFINITIVE step by step guide to traveling cheap to Europe. Some of this won’t apply if you aren’t leaving from the U.S. But a lot of it will. So stay tuned.


By the time Barcelona rolled around I was mostly burnt out.  It didn’t help matters that my first night spent in the hostel there was interrupted at 3 AM by two people having EXTREMELY LOUD SEX.  

Something very important to remember.  If you can book a co-ed room in a hostel I def recommend it. If for instance someone is listening to music or talking on the phone, you can count on the dudes in the room to yell at them.
When I was in Barcelona I stayed in an all girls room, 16 beds.  Although the loud sex woke everyone up NO ONE except me told them to shut up.  They didn’t shut up anyways.  
I still get angry when I think about it.  Drunk people who are also inconsiderate are the WORST.
Anyways! I laid around a lot in Barcelona but managed to drag myself out of bed for a walking tour which was really awesome.  Every bit as good as the Amsterdam walking tour.
(I love walking tours)

 Old school Gothic architecture!

 Where Picasso studied.  Also the heart of the red light district.

Wine Slow

Bought plane tickets, Minneapolis — Belgium, Belgium— India.

Should I just move out completely and teach somewhere in Asia?

I feel like I’ll just keep postponing it and next thing you know I’ll be married and unable to do anything..

Music for you:


Goodbye 2013.  You were more than good to me.

This year I:

1.  Traveled alone to Korea and Thailand. (+Jeju and Koh Phi Phi)
2.  Danced on stages in both places.
3.  Got certified to teach English in Thailand.
4.  Enrolled in my last semester of University.
5.  Bought plane tickets to Europe.
6.  Lost weight.
7.  Gained Weight.
8.  Ate the equivalent of 3 tons of seaweed.
9. Danced.
10. Wrote.
11.  Fell in love.
12.  Met amazing, amazing people.

and most importantly….. (drumrolllllll)

Learned to NOT GIVE A FLYING @#$%& what people think of me! BaZINGA.

hashtag clearly attached

man I really missed the early AM’s.  Nothing I’d rather be doing than discussing heaven and hell on the kitchen floor with near strangers and not strangers.

We threw a party.

I miss good talks. So tired of gossip. on and on and on. I need to really really really just talk to someone.  Will make that happen this week.

I feel a bit stagnant.  Oh well, that can’t last forever.  Either I get bored enough to take drastic measures, or I just hold out until I leave for Europe.  (Less than a year!)  I don’t even particularly want to go there if I can’t get Tomorrowland tickets, but I’m sort of locked in to backpack throughout the whole place with my friend. Oh well, it will be fun, even if its not my first choice travel destination.

(Will I be single then?  Do I need to know at this point?)

I can barely imagine having a good reason to not be with him.  Man. being single.  I used to be so comfortable with it, but I don’t know how I could transition back to that.