Cut from the Manifesto

So by now (at least if you’re in America) you’ve heard about this Josh Duggar thing.    Got sucked in to the wild web again, researching women who have left the fundamentalist Christian movement:

Consent vs. Purity Culture


Had a family thing yesterday.  My cousin gave a devotional about how we need to seek wisdom by following God.  Then she prayed over us, while my mom had her arms around me, and the whole time I’m just thinking:

How am I going to do this.

I am not following this path anymore.  My boyfriend is from a Hindu/Atheist hybrid family and I’m just… I’m  just not.  I’m not teaching this to my children.  

I’m not teaching them that they have some special knowledge that makes them better than other people.

I’m not teaching them that only their Christian friends are going to heaven, and the rest must burn in Hell because they were taught something else.

 If I talk for long enough with my parents it always comes back to religion.  We argue.  My dad told me not to have children.  Casually.

I stayed quiet at that.  If my mom would have said that I would have freaked out on her.  I remember when my dad and I used to fight and fight, and I guess subconsciously I don’t want to return to that.

It’s stupid  to assume that my marriage will fail because it’s  not with a Christian.  Considering the divorce rate in America I’m incredibly better off with an Indian.

My mom has this idea that everyone “chooses” whether or not to believe in Jesus.  I find this ridiculous.

Religion is a learned behavior. So so so many of my friends are Hindu.  As are their parents, grandparents and so on.  (Basically the Hindu form of my family, actually).   We believe what makes sense to us.  We can’t force ourselves to believe something that doesn’t make sense.  I can’t suddenly start believing that I am in the midst of a zombie apocalypse any more than any of my Hindu friends can start believing that their lives will be better with Jesus.  My mom tried to convert my former roommate Tanvi once.  Tanvi just said she wasn’t interested, but I think it would have been funny if she turned around and told her about Hinduism for hours and hours.

Christians will not entertain other belief systems.

I have this huge thing written up about this, but it’s kind of all over the place.  It helped me get my thoughts together though.  I should make a powerpoint to present to my family.  ick.