Would Wrestle God to Kiss Your Smile

We went to Washington D.C. last weekend to go see our friend who has been interning in the Library of Congress.

Whilst there, we went to an art gallery called The Fridge for a street sticker expo.  You know those little stickers that  post offices give out for labeling?  You could (if one were so inclined)  make art on them and stick them up in public places.  There were also some actual stickers, printed and ordered. 


aight. finally.  bout to finish my Euro-blogging from this summer.  Next blog post I do will probably be in Belgium.  Well perhaps one after that.

ummmmmm Berlin.
Well my good pictures are mostly of graffiti.  We went on an “alternative” tour. Basically it’s for hipsters who feel like they are too good for the regular tours.  We looked too normal.  And while we’re at it, a lot of Berlin’s nightclubs don’t let you in unless you look alternative enough.  So you can’t go out dancing in a dress and heels.  You need dreadlocks and like, galaxy print tights or something.  Funny.  Unless you want to go to the REGULAR PEOPLE clubs,  the BORING PEOPLE clubs.  Hahaha.

Berlin is great for getting up close and personal with Third-Reich Nazi type history.  And learning about the Berlin Wall (I also went on a VERY INFORMATIVE tour for that!).

In short Berlin was great. 10/10 would recommend.

 Dancing girl stencils done by Alias.

 Brandenburg Gate

 It took us a LONG time to get a decent photo in this photoautomat.  We looked into the flash instead of the camera. Classy.  Very old machine, black and white prints.

My first kebab! Kebab was actually invented in Berlin, by Turkish immigrants who wanted fast food.