Delhi + Agra

Alright so. Delhi.

It’s been about a month since I got back, so this is long overdue.

There are some very rich and opulent areas of Delhi.  I didn’t take pictures of those places, because a mall is a mall is a mall right?  We have those in America too.  Here are the things that you might be interested in seeing.

This picture is quite misleading.  Usually the people that go to Dilli Haat (market) are mostly tourists, so this is the place where everything is expensive for the white people.  It’s got nice stuff though.

 I love saris.  I just wanted to take pictures of every woman in traditional dress, love the clothing in India so much.  (Although a lot of western wear as compared to other regions.)

 Me, in the preliminaries of learning Hindi script.  Took me less than a week I’m proud to say.

 A Muslim tomb (wish I could remember which one).

 Most accurate picture I took.  One word to use for Delhi:  crowded.  That’s it.  Ayya can’t remember which market this was.  I’ll edit this when I find out.


 India Gate.  People go here to walk around and picnic.  Not really my thing, but then again neither was the Eiffel Tower so there you go.

 Time to Baaaaargaiiiiiiin.

 Quitab Minar ruins!  Islamic architecture, very intricate carvings.

 On our way to Agra, to see the Taj Mahal.  The fog was eerie. 

I believe this last picture is from the Red Fort, but don’t quote me on that.

2014’s Most Danceable

Hey people,  just got through eating Indian fast food here in Delhi, where my host mom and her friend forced me to speak Hindi to the manager like a trained monkey.  Anyways it goes like this:

Host mom:  There’s the manager!! Use your Hindi use your Hindi use your Hindi!

Me: ahhhhdkrivjrhivhdAapka restaurant bahut accha hai (your restaurant is very good).

In honor of my involuntary dance deprivation, and the new year, here are the top five most danceable songs that I became addicted to in 2014.  Some of them were released earlier, shh.  Enjoy:

Sean Paul – Hey Baby

This song AUGH.  Never became a big hit in the U.S. so I haven’t gotten to rock a dance floor with it yet… heard it in Serbia and it completely turns me up.  If you like, have a look at the official movie, with the  Nikeata Germaican Dance Team.  I didn’t post it, just in case any of my family reads my blog and gets offended by the scantily clad women.  Actually if you are one of my family members please don’t listen to any of these songs..

Jhene Aiko – The Worst

Perfect for slow-angry dancing.  SORRY (elderly) FAMILY MEMBERS I KNOW SHE’S SCANTLY CLAD.   I don’t think my grandma reads this.  But she does know how to internet, so who knows.

Bailando – Enrique Iglesias

I know I’ve posted this song before, but it needs to be heard.  I really like Sean Paul’s part on the English version, but the Spanish version seems like less of a we-only-listen-to-English-songs coupout.

Tonight (Best You Ever Had) – John Legend

First heard this on the Kizomba dance floor, and holy hell is it romantic.  About to turn it up and dance with my boyfriend actually.  Excuse me a second>>>

Feelings – Maroon 5