jumping on the dating train again (okay I never really was ever on it lessbehonest) and it has been a RIDE.

Night shift poetry for your enjoyment:



exquisitely strange
the way the tide cycles our stars proximate
aeonic, perpetual

this intimacy is blessed,
sacred and agonizing.

I die daily for fate,
close enough if it’s
close enough to break me

sacrifice the future
on the bloodbright altar of the
here and now

hold you through all four horsemen

as the asteroid hits
when the ocean rises to bury us
while the long curve of radioactive fallout

shipwrecks our descendants wakeful




I want to give you everything you need or even

Take it all, suits you well.

heart worship
eyes open wide soak you in,
sunflower to the light

think I’ve been living in a cave till I met you

campfire sparks rise starward
Don’t even need to look up when

you’re the entire sky.


This is cheesy and stupid but that’s how I feel right now.

Feels like I’m falling but I know the entire universe is my safety net (or anyways, of late, that’s what the dreams imply).