Been quite busy so haven’t  had much of a…


Complete lies.

I have not been busy.

I have been SICK.

NASTY headache, sore throat, etc.

There’s a show tonight at the Nestor, and the Zombie Pub Crawl on Saturday, but I have no idea if I can attend, as come Sunday, I’m on some 5-days-in-a-row-workweek scheiße.

Hmm anyways… When I DO feel better if that ever happens, I’m hoping to look into some serious minimalism.

I love it.  Get rid of material possessions.   Too sick to expound on that right now.

Have some links:

10 Things I Gained When I Gave Up All My Stuff
Getting Rid of Just-in-Case Items
Letting Go of Sentimental Items

Okay I better go sleep. Peace