I’m so into this dude.  I don’t know what to do with this level of vulnerability.  I don’t even recognize my brain right now.  ayeeee! bring it on, life!  I am happy to throw some dice with you!

The song is Roll Right Over by Eye Alaska in case this gets deleted like the first time I posted it.


there’s this thing where I get really into a guy and I think that if it ends I’ll curl up in a ball and die.

and then it ends.

and I don’t die.

two weeks later, I end up chasing another car.  different color.  same level of oh-em-gee preteen butterflies.

I am so lame.   see I can sit here and observe all this happening,  and I still think this is the exception.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I’m not a freakin’ teenager.  I am an adult.  so they tell me.