Anyone who doesn’t like Parenthesis may Leave

Yesterday I had a bonfire (is it still a bonfire if it’s freakin’ tiny? unclear.) for my birthday.

Anyways my friend who is a Reiki healer had us write things on pieces of paper and then burn them.

Things we want to let go of.

Like tarot card readings, I find myself analyzing, trying to look inward and see, (Does it help? Does it work? /////////) on and on and on.

I very rarely give myself up to anything.  I can’t just feel it.

My parents are deeply suspicious of anything “hippy”.  I’m not suspicious. Maybe skeptical.

I want to be able to cleanse myself of anything dragging me down, the things that cause me to doubt my self-worth.

Do I believe that I can?

I guess the answer is maybe, so then it follows that the answer is really


also: a song.