America is stupid.

Why? WHY can I not legally go out and dance?  grrrr my roommate is 21 and everyone is going out and everyone is an adult except me. 

perhaps I will finish my painting tonight

perhaps I will finish any one of my three papers that are overdue.

perhaps I will wallow in tears.  underage tears.

perhaps I will be happy I am not WRINKLY AND OLD.

 Thanksgiving was fun.  Goodnight and peace.


wont you spare
a glance for me
today? in between
swinging arms…
beat heels to
rise heartbeats
head spun like
vinyl and cigarettes
are incense to
anoint borrowed time

yesterdays are
scraps that
litter floors, flecks
of stardust kept
in vials and jars,
abandoned clothes
shelter no one

tomorrow is the
anticipation that
comes while we’re
watching the flames,
surprisingly the
sound is the best
part, water escapes
fibrous tombs to
achieve billiance