Minor things keep annoying me… Maybe all this impending stress is getting to me.  Soon I will be moving out, which is even more stressful because I don’t know where I am going to put all my stuff when I am homeless (i.e. crashing on my brother’s sofa).

I will be traveling to Korea and Thailand, going out of the country for the first time alone, going on a plane alone for the first time, AND I can’t even relax in Thailand because I’ll have classes every weekday, all day.

This is what I need though.  I need to go somewhere, by myself, be thrust into something new.  I need to be anonymous.

I have an easy life, I just need to chill out and read books and deactivate my facebook account (in the midst of working crazy amounts to obtain travelgreen) Then I will be less :LSKJG:LKJGwOEGJ. you know.

p.s. travelgreen means money.


watching you change your skin for different people, people who are not me, is interesting and horrifying the way I assume a close-up of a spider eating a fly would be.  

Either you are a professional or this is Instincts defined. I would believe you if you told me you were born for this but perhaps it just takes practice.  Fast food chains market differently in various countries.  Beef is not a hot commodity in India but arrogance might be. Would you tell me if I guessed correctly?  What are you selling?

I wonder at your shine.  Is this a facet of your personality, or the entire diamond?  Twist in the light, show us something ugly.


You are not an actor. This is your life.

I am trying to let go of mistrust, the grudges I still hold, and the hate.  It is hard. People frighten me. People who are hiding themselves, and giving you and everyone else only bits and pieces of whatever they think you want to see. I need to do this though. It is exhausting to dislike people that you have to see fairly often. How do I let go of this?