i can be
alone by myself
i was
lonely alone
now i’m lonely
with you
something is wrong
there are flies
i go

-Alone, Nikki Giovanni

The first poetry I ever really got into was hers.  Also I will be performing at a poetry reading tonight.  Me and my manly voice up onstage just doesn’t seem like a recipe for a good time.  It’s one of those things you do just so you can say you did it.

ALSO! I am working on a painting for my brother.


wwooooh exciting.



I had visions of finishing this before fall was over….

😦   didn’t.  but here it is!   this was done with acrylics.  I’m gonna do a huge tree painting next but not sure of the colors yet.  and I have a reallllly good idea of what I’m gonna do after that. or maybe before that.. we’ll see.


stars that clear have been dead for years but the idea just lives on

I’ve been sleeping so strange at night
side effects they don’t advertise
I’ve been sleeping so strange
with a head full of pesticide
-Bright Eyes


Feast your eyes on the very first painting I have ever done. Ever.  It makes me ridiculously happy. and it didn’t take a whole lot of talent so that’s good because that kinda thing is limited…
So I was reading old journal entries since I have them all over my desktop.  I clicked on September.  Goodness I was an obsessive person.  I wrote like 3 pages on “that dude who broke into my house” also known as “the guy I was obsessed with for exactly one week” and let me tell you, the things I wrote are hilarious.  At least to me anyways.  Take this little gem….
“I can’t believe the turn my life has taken and I absolutely love it. So. Much. My heart and stomach are conspiring against me in anticipation of your phone call in ways I didn’t know they could. Knots, butterflies, the works. I wouldn’t be surprised to find gears or an ocean in there either. When I see you I light up. I wanna be pursued. And if I’m not mistaken, that is exactly what is happening here..”
or how about this
“And stupid or not, the world hasn’t been the same since I met him. I finally found someone. Whether I’m capable of keeping him or not remains to be seen.”
HAHAHAHAH I write like a thirteen year old girl.  Less than a week later:
“I come out of my room, and I’m just like, “why are you in here, HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE??” and he’s like, well I just opened the door, and came in, how else? And I started freaking out. I ran downstairs and into the bathroom, turned on the fan and started brushing my teeth”
I love the ending.  I don’t know why I added in that I brushed my teeth.  I think what happened was I was in there for a long time and then I figured I may as well make the best of my time.  did I mention that all the doors were locked?  What a creepy person.  He was attractive though.