they think its all gucci but its 99 cents


yusss my bipolar ANTHEM.

I’m going to take you to where the sky falls, where the stars bite cold, where the ocean tastes the shore, leaves, and then comes back for more.  Our bodies were made for dancing, like your hand was made to trace shivers into my spine, begging the feathers to grow. Flight pulls us toward the moon, like the tides, all silver, filling the sky.

I want to be there when you realize what joy is.  When you fall bone-struck into the wild hymn the wind has been trying to whisper to you since you clawed your way from the womb.  Your wounds are deepest harmonies you forgot about. Eyes wide open. Hands empty.

Chords igniting in your veins.

Going out to karaoke.  Last time I did karaoke it was in the mental hospital and I accidentally picked a song with swearing and she wouldn’t let me finish it.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The best love poetry I’ve ever written

You ain’t never done karaoke till you’ve done it in a mental hospital, everyone dancing around in doubled up gowns or green scrubs…

She was singing Party Rock Anthem in Spanish because that’s the version that made the most sense, on her back kicking like she was bicycling to the moon.

All we could do was catcall and clap like Elvis was in the building.

We both straight but I proposed like I wasn’t, ring invisible and miraculous.  They had to tell us to stop holding hands (we were laughing our heads off).  She got a husband but loony bin marriages are different.  Our maid of honor wore white tennis shoes.

“Ese es mi esposa”

All she could say was “Felicitaciones.”

Told her I was going to eat the sun and I think she believed me.  I still call her up to make sure he’s treating her well, told them about the bruises but they said she was lying about where.

“La luna!”
“El sol!”

Crazy in love. Spanglish valentine’s daydream.  The purest love I’ve ever felt.


just back on that rabbit trail

Oh.. so you’re afraid of us now? The way we’ve been afraid of you for the last 2 thousand? Cool. It feels good to be feared instead of raped.
I would never falsely accuse anyone nor do I condone it. But it feels good to be feared, regardless. Maybe y’all will stop yelling at us on the street if we respond by snarling and baring our teeth.