i just wanna spend my life with you

Was to be married this year, but he’s marrying someone else and I finally got to the point where I’m really, really cool with it, and happy being single.

Annnnnnd then I met someone..

homeboy is…bruh, it’s like a DREAM over here, I am so so so into him.  First date lasted 8 hours, the conversation just flowed.  He’s so funny.  I’ve never been with anyone who had a good sense of humor, EVER.    I’ve never been with someone who takes care of themselves, he is so healthy, it’s so attractive.  He is SUCH A NICE, HONEST, PERSON.  I can tell when he’s talking he doesn’t think before he talks,  like he doesn’t censor what he thinks and it’s so nice and so relaxing.  Things are moving at exactly the right pace.  We’re joking that tinder should use our dates for it’s advertisements, things are so good.

I realize now I have been settling for less in a big way.  Godddd I hope this works out…


I can’t believe this is real life.  Got me all suspicious, but there aren’t any red flags, it’s all green as far as I can see…



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