Haven’t written or posted becaaaaaaaaaause.  The six month abyss ate me and I’ve been hibernating in all that deep sad.

But I’m back because the abyss has spat me out (unexpectedly and with the help of a very gorgeous man that I met in Berlin who was good for my self esteem.)

Also to post this song that has my head all behind bars.

I know where my brain would take me if I let it.  Not exactly like I’m afraid (why fear the opposite of death… but)
waking up with wings instead of shoulder blades somehow always just leads to a bloody

back.  Claw marks voluntary,
I went to the priest myself, drug(ged) flightless by a syringe
instead of a crucifix.  This cycle is too

familiar.  Stretched out
death, hard to find a horizon that far away.  Like I said,
Bloody.  Back.

Fear/Hope they won’t grow back (future tense)
Could close the door on that universe forever.

time bomb hourglass sand, stupid to not know what’s

Can’t tell which half is the dream.

I’m climbing a staircase.
I know where it leads.

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