I’m a wreck.. One week until our interview. (His interview).   He does things so last minute, I’m the exact opposite.  So I’m like WHY HAVEN’T YOU DONE YOUR PASSPORT PHOTOS, WHY DIDN’T YOU PRINT OUT THE DS160 CONFIRMATION PAGE BLARGHHHH like a horrible sitcom-y wife.  Ugh.

Also I bought my wedding dress.  It’s a mixture of pride and embarrassment that I managed to be THIS CHEAP for my WEDDING.  Originally $295, but I got it for $25.   It wasn’t even used, someone at the original store was apparently too lazy to rethread the straps, so it was listed as “missing a strap”.  The Annex

It’s gonna be so awful if we don’t get the visa.  I moved into a new APARTMENT. I bought a BED and a WEDDING DRESS.

Everyone send me positive vibes the night of July 4th (U.S. time)  Early July 5th India time.


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