Dissonant Post, Poetry, music. Visceral touch vs. Comfort

got moods like the weather.  Think you gave up on being my forecaster a while back, just riding the waves, sails into the wind.  you recognize a red sky.  next day: surprised and grateful for the sunlight.

Instructions for this video.  Play the first one, and then a little while in, start the second one… swurr it sounds really nice to have them both playing at the same time.

Some thoughts on dancing.

A continuum of Sexy——–Happy.  Actually I’m not sure that it’s a continuum so much as an either/or situation. Comfort though, that can be used on either side of that spectrum. MAN I love happy dancing with strangers.  Going crazy because you know they won’t take it in a don’t-get-fresh-with-me direction, swear you can see something pouring out of their whole being,

light.  Went out on Friday with a deep desperation to lose myself on the dance floor, till I  finally go home, sore bones, heart pounding.  To the dude.  Your creepy friends were a stark contrast to your full-body music lostness.  No matter what you look like, if you are dancing with that kind of joy, everyone is gonna wanna hang out with you.  Or at least, I will.  But attractiveness matters zero to me at this point in my life.   Or… attractiveness has nothing to do with what you look like physically.  The things that pull me into someone’s orbit are soul-things. suh-im.

As a dancer who is in a long distance relationship, I have had to learn to separate physical contact, physical connection, from desire.   Actually the more I get into Zouk, (which is incredibly sexy at face value), the more I am able to do this.  I don’t know.  Might be a head thing, left over from my fundamentalist past, really used to think physical touch would destroy me, destroy my friendships, make God angry, whatever.   Hm.    People need that though.  Zouk is different from Bachata, in terms of connection.  Feels like a deep tenderness.  I don’t think the danger is in mistaking that for love.  You just need to have respect for dancefloor love, and know what it is and isn’t.

Held hands with an old Somali dude today at work.  Sometimes he just cries.  Doesn’t have a lot of family who visit him.  I wonder how it is when I try to help him.  Does he think I should be covering my hair?  Culture differences.


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