when my cure looks to you
like poison
you watch me die daily.

There is a mirror you ask my future of.
I don’t want to know what has been said in that
pale room, dust in cheeks, held and aged like fine wine…

your tongue is not so sharp,
I think it couldn’t cut glass

not even if I passed out in your kitchen.
Not even if I threw away your rotting food

and you had to fish it from the dirt.



oh. um… my fiance got his visa petition approved… just needs to do final background checks etc, then we prep for his interview.  I got the letter two months earlier than expected,  was freaking out as I carried the envelope upstairs… trying to open it but my hands were full… then made weird happy noises and called him but he couldn’t understand what I was saying because the weird noises kinda just continued.. 🙂 that was a good day.



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