Things I learned so far from Lies My Teacher Told Me.  (2nd edition)

  1.  Everyone hated Helen Keller when she became a socialist.
  2. Race Relations were set back when Woodrow Wilson became president because he was a white supremacist and asshole.
  3.  America is an overbearing jerk of a nation.  We topple other nations’ democracies.  We rig elections.  Control. Control. Control.  We want to control everyone.
  4. Inequality has gotten progressively worse.
  5. High school students are not taught about social class systems.
  6. Most history textbooks are the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going “LALALALA AMERICA IS THE BEST AND ALWAYS RIGHT AND MORAL”.

I want to post a Zouk video from Vegas but my internet is too slow at this time.  Maybe I’ll get ambitious and get a flashdrive and bring it to work and blah blah b labhalkgsj.


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