In love with your teeth.

Wish we would have grown up to
eat blank slates instead of
compass blades.

All actuality:
too distrustful for nightfall,
too sober for nostalgia.

the curse of the rational:
we inhale that, exhale the
half-contentment of
pointed decree.

wariness as a virtue looks like
hands clutched to brain matter
fingers tapping L-I-A-R
onto earlobes

Certainty is as fragile as this:
we are us, everyone
else is




Can we just talk about how Melanie Martinez has the crazy that Lily Allen was always (is) lacking?

It’s pure vs. straightjacket and I don’t know whether I love it or I’m too freaked out to sleep. Maybe both.

Or maybe more like…. raw vs. polished.  I wanna believe that level of animalistic is not calculated and I think I almost can.

This is the problem with being blind to most pop culture… Did NOT KNOW she was on The Voice.

Think I’m the last to have heard of her.  I mean yeah, this summer I heard “Soap” as a Kizomba remix, and that was the FIRST TIME I heard any of her stuff.

Heard Mrs. Potato Head on the radio today which prompted a glut of youtubing.  I’m a big wimp when it comes to things like watching people’s flesh get cut into which is why I didn’t post that video.

Alright you know what.  You have it.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you that people are low-key getting their flesh cut up.

I was going to post the Soap/Training Wheels double feature, which you can certainly find on the interwebs if you’d still like to see.  WARNING: SWEARS.  I think none of my family reads this blog but I always plug a warning for em.


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