When I wrote this poetry I was in a weird mood so it’s been floating till my soul could exit deep space.

In a mood where this looks better, because I’m on a magical dance high, just got back from tearing it up. (Addis Ababa: Wednesday nights in Minneapolis.  Hit that.)

I also have ONE MORE POEM TO GIFT YOU WITH. But you’ll have to wait for that ish.  This one’s first.  Happy New year.

It wasn’t meant to be about the new year, it was ink spew.  But that’s what it looks like to me now.  You know I gotta try to tie things together for you guys. MuAH ❤




Death by
concrete – the mesmerising slow-grab of

Upwards a centrifuge of stars,
like the heralding of some
minor goddess.

Certainty tastes like
gravity, to float untethered,
the end of conviction.

The beginning of



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