Day three

This was the actual wedding.  We walked in with the bride…. Groom gets a really fun procession with music (baraat)  that I didn’t get to see (as we were representing the bride’s side)


Escorting the Bride


The first half.. The couple has to stay up there on the stage while one by one, all the guests come to take pictures with them.  Then we get to go eat while they stay up there for pictures… 


The have to put these garlands over each other.   You can google what that symbolizes if you feel the need.


As the bride’s side friends we were supposed to steal the groom’s shoes.  He took the precaution of hiding them in someone’s car.  We stole them from the guests instead.  They had to pay us back in ransom money (I couldn’t do it by the way… steal shoes from some poor little auntie… I let the others do it.)


The temple (mandir) where all the rituals take place.  She is a Sikh so her parents just politely went along with all the Hindu rituals that aren’t part of their tradition… until about 6 AM




I have no idea what any of it means.  Boyfriend is unhelpful as he doesn’t know either.


Tryna blend in…


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