Indian Wedding Part One

Finally got to go to an Indian wedding.  Hindu.

It’s all about the clothing, and the food. Lesser so about the dancing, which is mainly on the second night, and the rituals (third night).  OH AND ESPECIALLY ABOUT THE PHOTOS moreso than anything else.  This poor couple has to stand and take pictures ALL NIGHT.

I tried to get the intel on what the ceremonies mean, but my boyfriend (fiancé? Can I call him that  yet?) is just like “I don’t know, ask my mom”.

So.  It was a three-day affair (which is pretty normal, on the short side even).

It looks absolutely exhausting.  The bride and groom have to be awake until all hours, and don’t really get to sit… or eat.  When I do mine, I would LOVE a one-day wedding, but I’ll settle for two if I have to.  (I overheard my saas saying she thinks two-day weddings are really classy).

First day:  Mehendi night, all the girls get their henna done (Hands only, except the bride who gets it on her feet as well). There is food, and a few dance performances.  Also the bride and groom and their guests get gifts.  We were super late so I didn’t get to see if anything else happened.


Bride: Post Mehndi, pre makeup.  She’s a babe, and one of my fiancé’s oldest friends. Oh whoops, a rare picture where she gets to sit.  Her grandpa is next to her.  He gave a speech the next night, which I will tell you about in my next post.


Bride and Groom. Her jewelry is made out of real flowers (sorry you can’t really see clearly, I’ll update later if I can jack one of her pictures off facebook)  You can see the henna on her hands.


Bae. The one night he wore traditional dress.  I guess it’s a kurta.


I ain’t even want to get my henna done because I wanted to see the dance performances but my friend made me.  Also I didn’t own any of this clothing.  All was lent by my babe friend, Sukhmani.


next day henna.


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