Love and God:  wordspew sequence 27

I think about religion a lot.  The following is not intended to be anything but my brain trying to work through something.  Or my soul. whatever.

The transformation I went through eliminated the box I had for my ideas about deity.  So many different religions. So many boxes.  Why would I limit myself that way? Is there anything wrong with embracing the mystery?

In believing in a “something?”.  That vast unknowable beyond(?)

Religion is wholly separate from rationality.  Love  makes no sense as far as “survival of the fittest”.  Love is the opposite of that.  My life circumstances did me a favor when they took a scalpel to my religiosity and gave me the beating heart of love.  All I needed.

Feelings. Music. Poetry..  What’s the point?  All these things keep me believing in a higher power.

Especially love.  Capital L Love.

I’m in awe of the people that choose to act with and in love, not out of a fear of hell, but just for the sake of it.  That overwhelming sense that this is what one is made for.

Aiiya.  I believe in love more than I believe in justice, fairness, science, rationality, deductive reasoning.  (Of course, I do sometimes depend on that other universe, other arena, in my life as well)

This world blows my mind sometimes.  The kindness that humanity is capable of.

The people I’ve met (Muslim, Christian, Indian, Bangladeshi, LGBTQA, Atheists, Hippies, Native Americans, Africans, and on and on)  amaze me.  Keep me believing in something.

I don’t care to define God.  The Bible is only helpful to me in the passages where love is defined, where these definitions hit me in the soul.  That is where we find a higher power.

Because a higher power doesn’t mean someone with more money, or even more knowledge.  It means greater ability to love.  This is why I never looked for a Christian to marry.  I never found Christians any better than anyone else at loving. Some people just are.  These are the ones who are closer to God.

In my deepest heart of hearts there is something that doesn’t make sense.  That cannot be proven logically. I don’t mind not making sense. That’s why I write poetry.

Religion fails when it creates hard and fast rules.  When it tries to rationalize what is mystical.


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