Where I wanna Be

I should write more.  I am fundamentally lazy when it comes to writing.  Writing will hit me across the head when it wants. I’m not about to go looking for that assault.  I should.  Would be good for me.  Mayhap.


inspiration strikes like lightning.
that blue-moon, once-in-a-never,
the demons I lack the wherewithal to conjure on purpose.

I treat pen-ink like blood, that kind of surprise, like
here-let-me-deal-with this – the ache of a messy spill, the
brain to page sop-up.

So- Why the Lack of Thunder, Etc.?

Balance is the opposite of a catalyst – no mania, no abyss,
(but my body is grateful. No non-stop pacing, head clear, heels immaculate) my body is
grateful, and I don’t have to buy pens any more.

There is a flame that only sparks when something devours something else.
I’ve lost my teeth sharpener, the nightmare that fed violence through my left ear.
My larder is devoid of that storm.


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