Well I finally managed to cry it out.  There’s a license for racism now.  And various other shitty behaviors.

Here’s my prediction:

In four years:  there will not be a wall on the Mexican border.  Abortion will not be illegal.

The latter which means evangelicals are gonna have to admit they voted him in for nothing.

We now have definitive proof that racism, homophobia, sexism, etc are still problems in this country (wish we had proof of that without a president who also won’t do anything about them except probably make them worse..)

This is from a facebook post that got deleted (it was a repost, but this was my own commentary). Unfortunately the fun argument I had with someone who insinuated I couldn’t pronounce the word “patronizing” is also gone.
You wanna criticize me for dating a non-Christian, you wanna tell me that being Christian makes you a better person….Look at that huge nasty evangelical block, 4 in 5 white evangelicals voted Trump. You’ll know them by their fruits. You could have voted for anyone else. And its not all about hating Hillary, you had so many prominent evangelical leaders (James Dobson!) actively praising Trump. guess I do still believe in Hell. It’s right here.
It’s one thing to hate Clinton so much that you can’t vote for her. The overwhelming Evangelical support of Trump was only partially that. A lot of it was pretending sexual assault and racism don’t matter when selecting our figurehead.  
To my family members, and to the tiny group of evangelicals that didn’t vote for him, I commend you for going against the tribe on this.

Here’s a video to make you feel better.


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