rejoice in the beautiful land that is the friendzone.

Ways to respond when I tell you “sorry, I have a boyfriend”.

“Oh ?  What does he do?”  And then we get into a twenty minute talk about how awesome my boyfriend is (and believe me I could go on for several hours on that subject), interracial relationships, long distance relationships, etc.


“What? No you don’t.  Let me see a picture.  How come you don’t have a picture. You don’t really have a boyfriend.  I don’t believe you.”  That was 2 years ago, Halloween.

Which is why I now have a picture of us saved as my phone background.

NOT TO MENTION.  If I was just saying that to get rid of you, wouldn’t you just say okay and go away?    Like, yeah, now that you called me out on trying to reject you without making you aggressive and angry I really want to be with you..  Luvvas fa LYFE.

Or this dude that pulled up next to me asking if he could take me to dinner sometime.  Gave my line about my boyfriend.  Him:  “Lucky Motherf***er.”  Tire squeals away.

uh. okay.


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